10th Doctor blue suit costume analysis - preliminary notes and acknowledgments

Tenth Doctor Blue Suit Analysis

Preliminary Notes

Welcome to the OCD costume analysis of the 10th Doctor's blue suit! 

I primarily researched and analyzed this uniform for my Bad Wolf Costumes 10th Doctor suit sewing pattern, which, as you'll see, I drafted to be as faithful to the originals. 

However, I'm happy to share our research and findings with you, in the form of this free analysis!


First and foremost, I'd like to thank costume designer Louise Page for designing such a wonderful costume for David Tennant to wear while playing the 10th Doctor. It was a truly a memorable costume and I think it was a great choice for the character!

I'd like to thank Michael Cowart for his constant input and inspiration over the years, as well as being the first to initially suggest I sharpen my sewing skills and learn about tailoring!

I'd also like to acknowledge Steve Ricks' 10th Doctor costume research and thank him for sharing it on his blog (tennantsuit.blogspot.com - check it out). 

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10th Doctor blue suit analysis - preface

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