10th Doctor blue suit analysis - preface

Tenth Doctor Blue Suit Analysis


The 10th Doctor's blue suit was first introduced at the beginning of David Tennant's second season (season three), and it served a twofold purpose:

First, the demands of production use had taken their toll on his original brown suit(s), and there was likely a finite number of GAP trousers on hand for replacement suits.

Second, Tennant and costume designer Louise Page discussed the Doctor having a new costume to visually represent the passage of time since his tragic separation from Rose at the end of the previous season and to aesthetically show that the Doctor was perhaps in a new phase.

Designs for a new costume were tossed around - some of them quite an extreme departure from the his previous look - but what was ultimately decided on was a blue suit which, while obviously a different color, was actually quite similar in construction to his brown suit.

In the season 3 episode "Smith and Jones" audio commentary David Tennant and Russell T. Davies discussed the introduction of the blue suit, during which Tennant said, "I wanted a new suit. I wanted to mix it up a little bit ... for a variety of reasons. Mostly, I think it's nice that the Doctor's silhouette is recognizable, and that he's always in kind of the same thing, but I like the idea that it's not too much of a uniform as well. So there's much debate as to how you change it and keep it the same ... It's episode one in the new series; there's been a gap since 'The Runaway Bride,' we don't quite know what the Doctor's necessarily been away and done."
10th Doctor blue suit
10th Doctor blue suit

The wardrobe color scheme remained consistent: browns and blues, although with the blue suit having "rust"-colored pinstripes the color palette was expanded into the reds with his shirts, ties, and shoes.

(Also, particularly during season three, before a new round of brown suits was incorporated into the costume rotation, the Doctor typically wore the brown suit for episodes during which he wasn't seen in that costume much, such as "Human Nature," "The Family of Blood," and "Blink.")

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