10th Doctor blue suit analysis, part 1 - overview

Tenth Doctor Blue Suit Analysis

Part 1 - Overview

It is worth noting that over the course of his run, the 10th Doctor wore (at least) six different blue suits (yes, six!), all subtly different in their construction.

However, these suits were all basically the same suit with only minor differences, which we'll look at over the course of our analysis; they all shared most of the same major characteristics, which we'll look at first in this overview, and then in more detail over the course of the analysis.

As mentioned in the preliminary notes, the 10th Doctor's blue suit (all of them) was very similar in construction as his brown suits.

This analysis is primarily based on the blue suit and its subtle variations, but much of what we'll be covering in this analysis applied to the brown suit as well. (See my 10th Doctor brown suit analysis for a specific look at that costume.)

The major construction characteristics of the 10th Doctor's blue suit were: 
  • Single-breasted, four-button closure
  • Curved lower front
  • Left external chest pocket with flap
  • Two lower "faux-flap" pockets (one on each front)
  • Front fitting darts 
  • Separate side panel/gusset
  • Single vent at center back
  • Back waistband above vent 
  • Set-in sleeves with no sleeve vents
  • Jacket and trousers made of the same fabric

Season 4 publicity photo
3x0 "Smith and Jones"

As you can probably observe, the suit was designed and constructed to subtly accentuate David Tennant's unusual height and slimness, particularly through the use of the jacket's four-button closure. The front darts and side panel/gusset also favorably contributed to a well-fitted jacket. 

Now that you have a general familiarity with the 10th Doctor's suit, let's move on to a detailed analysis!

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