10th Doctor blue suit analysis contents

Tenth Doctor Blue Suit Analysis

Analysis Contents:

10th Doctor blue suit
   Preliminary Notes and Acknowledgments

   Analysis, part 1 - Overview
   Analysis, part 2 - Fabric
   Analysis, part 3 - Collar
   Analysis, part 4 - Lapels
   Analysis, part 5 - Four Button Closure
   Analysis, part 6 - Front Darts
   Analysis, part 7 - Side Panel
   Analysis, part 8 - Left Chest Pocket
   Analysis, part 9 - "Faux-Flap" Pockets
   Analysis, part 10 - Tapered Back
   Analysis, part 11 - Back Waistband and Vent
   Analysis, part 12 - Curved Lower Front
   Analysis, part 13 - Shoulder Pads and Sleeve Heads
   Analysis, part 14 - Sleeves
   Analysis, part 15 - Lining
   Analysis, part 16 - Trousers

Misc. Observations and Errors:

   Wearing Styles, part 1
   Wearing Styles, part 2

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10th Doctor blue suit analysis PDF

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