May 13, 2019

New/updated 10th Doctor blue suit tutorial added!

My new 10th Doctor blue suit tutorial is now available for free online viewing here on the blog! 

Like the sewing pattern itself, this tutorial has been so heavily “updated” that it’s basically brand new, and FAR superior to the previous versions! 

Not only is the content itself significantly improved (I’ve learned a LOT more about “proper” sewing and tailoring since I wrote the original tutorial years ago), but I’ve also replaced ALL the tutorial photos with better ones, too! 

In fact, I believe it’s possibly the best (or at least, the most thorough) tutorial I’ve written to date, and I hope you enjoy it! 😊

Check it out here, or simply click on the “10th Doctor” tab above and select “brown suit!” 

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10th Doctor blue suit sewing tutorial