October 20, 2018

FREE blue fabric shipping to Magnoli Clothiers!

As you probably know by now, I recently had a run of 10th Doctor blue suit fabric rewoven, directly from a swatch of original material provided by Louise Page herself!

While I had primarily intended the fabric to be for DIY types (like myself) to make their own replica suits, I’ve gotten a lot of inquiries from people wanting a custom suit made for them. 

I usually recommend bringing my 10th Doctor suit pattern to a local tailor, but I’ve seen some people on Instagram who’ve had some good results with online vendors. 

In fact, Thomas Dunn (“doctorwhocollector” on Instagram) actually sent his yardage of my rewoven blue fabric to Magnoli Clothiers to have his suit made, and they appear to have done a great job with it!

10th Doctor blue suit - rewoven fabric and Magnoli Clothiers tailoring

10th Doctor blue suit - rewoven fabric and Magnoli Clothiers tailoring
10th Doctor blue suit - rewoven fabric and Magnoli Clothiers tailoring

(Incidentally, Magnoli is in the process of updating his own replica blue suit fabric, and I’ve helped him hone it with some color/spacing/weave references. I’ve yet to see his final result with my own eyes, but it looks promising and is bound to be a huge improvement over the current/previous teal/red fabric.)

10th Doctor blue suit - Magnoli fabric swatches

In the mean time, though, I still have some of my rewoven blue fabric available – enough for about 20 suits, and after discussing the matter with Magnoli, we have a good option for those of you who want to have a suit made with my fabric!

Up until now, you’ve had to order the fabric + shipping, potentially pay customs fees when the fabric arrives, pay to ship the fabric to Magnoli’s tailors, have it shipped back, and potentially pay more customs fees when the finished suit arrives. 

However, I’m now willing to offer FREE shipping directly to Magnoli’s tailors, and he can have a suit made for you at a discounted price (including shipping) since you’d be providing the fabric! 

What this means for you, is that you save money on two international packages (one for the fabric sent to you, and another sending the fabric to Magnoli’s tailors) and potentially eliminate a customs fee!

10th Doctor blue suit - rewoven fabric and Magnoli Clothiers tailoring

This also eliminates weeks of transit times and the usual hazards of international shipping, like lost packages and delays, so you can be among this leading wave, one of the first people to finally have a proper blue suit! 

Simply use the promotional code MAGNOLI when checking out on Etsy, and I’ll send the fabric directly to him. 

(NOTE: You’ll still need to contact Magnoli Clothiers directly to arrange for the tailoring. Once I send his tailors the fabric, the ball’s in his court!) 

The fabric is still available all on its own, too, so you DIY types who want to make your own suit, my new/updated 10th Doctor suit pattern will be available soon! I’m currently in the process of field-testing it with my own suits, and it’s looking great so far (if I say so myself). 

It’s going to be a HUGE improvement over the previous version! 

Here are some teaser photos:

10th Doctor brown suit - sewing tutorial coming soon!
10th Doctor brown suit - sewing tutorial coming soon!

I’ll be posting regular progress photos on Facebook and Instagram, followed by entirely new sewing tutorials here on the blog. Subscribe to my “Costume Guide” e-mail newsletter (upper right) if you haven’t already for updates!