June 25, 2018

11th Doctor "anniversary" waistcoat tutorial added!

My new 11th Doctor "anniversary" waistcoat sewing tutorial is now available here on the blog!

Check it out here, or simply click the "11th Doctor" tab above and select that waistcoat!

This free sewing tutorial includes:

  • A detailed list of everything you need to make your own "anniversary" waistcoat
  • Step-by-step instructions with HD photos and diagrams
  • Fitting tips

Although intended for use with my (Bad Wolf Costumes) waistcoat pattern, I also included some suggestions for drafting your own.

11th Doctor "anniversary" waistcoat tutorial

I also included notes for cutting and constructing your waistcoat to match the original waistcoat(s) worn by Matt Smith as closely as possible, in reference to the fabric's plaid patterns!

11th Doctor "anniversary" waistcoat tutorial
Original waistcoat (filming photo) on left, my replica made with this pattern/tutorial on right

This tutorial will be available as a free downloadable PDF soon, and I have some other exciting projects in the works I'll be sharing here, too!

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June 11, 2018

11th Doctor "anniversary" waistcoat pattern, now shipping!

My (Bad Wolf Costumes) 11th Doctor "anniversary" waistcoat pattern is now shipping! Thank you, everyone who pre-ordered!


Free sewing tutorial (intended for use with this pattern) is coming soon, so stay tuned and subscribe to my "Costume Guide" e-mail newsletter (upper right corner) for updates!

11th Doctor "anniversary" waistcoat sewing pattern