January 1, 2018

11th Doctor "Snowmen" Costume Analysis

Happy New Year, everybody! 

I have lots of irons in the fire here at the DWCG, and lots of new content coming soon! 

I'm currently recovering from ankle surgery, so my capacity to work has been limited lately. 

I'm feeling better every day, though, and I'm pleased to share my new costume analysis with you here - this time, the 11th Doctor's "Snowmen" costume!

This costume ensemble is one of my all-time show favorites, and I plan on making myself a replica costume as time permits - which will, of course, be followed by sewing tutorials (or at least tips) here on the blog! 

In this new costume analysis, we take a detailed look at the hat, shirt, ties, trousers, and frock coat. (The velvet waistcoat's been covered already, in my velvet waistcoat analysis.)

Have you ever taken a close look at the texture of that lovely shirt fabric? Did you know that the Doctor wore two different ties with this costume, and that he actually wore his bow tie two different ways? Or that his trousers' cuffs changed size over time? 

Read all about it here, or simply click the "11th Doctor" tab above!

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11th Doctor "Snowmen" costume
11th Doctor "Snowmen" costume

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