September 25, 2017

11th Doctor waistcoat analyses - part 1 of 3

11th Doctor "scales" waistcoat analysisI still have several 10th Doctor projects going on (which you'll be hearing about soon), but in the mean time, we'll be taking a look at several of the 11th Doctor's costumes over the coming months!

I'm especially fond of costume designer Howard Burden's work toward the end of Matt Smith's era - specifically, the "Snowmen" costume and the proper "7b" costumes.

My first costume analysis of this era is of the 11th Doctor's "scales" waistcoat, primarily seen early in season "7b."

Read all about it here, or simply click the new "11th Doctor" tab above!

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September 2, 2017

10th Doctor blue suit tutorial PDF added!

My updated 10th Doctor blue suit sewing tutorial is now available as a free PDF download! 

I've added a download link to the 10th Doctor blue suit tutorial contents, but you can also view/download the PDF via the direct link below:

10th Doctor blue suit sewing tutorial PDF

(Note that because of the file size, you might not be able to view the PDF online; it may only work as a download.)

WHEW! I've finally finished updating our existing (10th Doctor suit) guides and migrating them to their new home here, so it's new content and costume guides from here onward! 

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